Selecting a Facility

Some services require that you have an associated facility before the service can be used. The Facility Selection page displays the facilities to which you have approved access. These facilities are associated with your user profile.

For the facility you want, click the Access Facility icon to begin your application or submission process.

Discharge Monitoring Report

For eDMRs, the facility you select on this page will match the permit number that was listed on your subscriber agreement.

Subsurface Sewage Treatment System (SSTS) Business License Renewal

Use the SSTS Business License Search Tool to identify your license number and view current licensure status: Enter your license number (L----) in the Alternate/Historic Name/ID box on the Facility Search page that is displayed when you add facilities. Under Change Access Type, select the SSTS Signatory access level.

Adding Facilities to Your Profile

If the facility you want isn’t listed, you can search for and add facilities to your user profile.

After adding a facility to your profile, you can request the access level that you want.

To add a facility to your user profile,

  1. Do one of the following to access the Facility Search page:

    • Click the User Profile tab, click Edit Facility Selection, and click Add Facility.
    • On the My Workspace page, in the My Facilities section, click Add Facilities.

      My Workspace page, My Facilities section

  2. To search for a facility, enter any information about the facility you are looking for.

    In the text boxes, you can enter partial values followed by an asterisk (*) to search for all records that begin with that value. For example, type how* in the Facility Name box to find facilities named Howe Farm, Howard Janes, and Howell Enterprises.

    Facility Search

  3. In the list of facilities returned by your search, select the check box next to each facility you want to add to your profile.

    To view details about a facility, click the View icon.

    Facility Search Results

  4. To save your selected facilities and add more facilities, click Add More Facilities. To save your selected facilities without adding more facilities, click Continue.
  5. For the facilities you have added, select the access level you want under Change Access Type To.
  6. Click Continue.
  7. If you are prompted to confirm your request, select I Agree and then click Continue.

If the access type you requested allows for online requests, the confirmation page will indicate the status of your request. Access may be granted immediately, or you may need to await approval from the security administrator for the facility.

If the access type you requested does not allow for online requests, you will need to fill out a paper form and mail it to the MPCA.


Contact Us

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