Providing Contact Information

Some services require you to provide contact information, and some require to you review existing information and update and add to it as needed.

Some services require information for multiple types of contacts. When you access the Contacts page, the required contact types are displayed on separate tabs.

To Enter or Update Contact Information

  1. On the first tab, enter or update the contact information for that contact type. If an asterisk (*) is present, you must enter that information.

    To save time, you can insert contact information from contacts that have already been saved. Click the Insert from Existing Contact drop-down list and select an option. (To save the information from the current contact as a favorite contact in your user profile, click Save To Favorite Contacts.)

  2. To add a contact number, click Add Number. You must enter at least one contact number per contact type.
  3. From the Type list, select the type of number you are adding.
  4. In the Contact Number text box, type the 10-digit number. Do not enter dashes or spaces between numbers.
  5. If desired, enter the extension and add any comments.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Repeat steps 2–6 for additional contact numbers you want to add.
  8. To continue to the next contact type tab, click Next and repeat steps 1–7.
  9. To add a contact type, click the Available Contact Types drop-down list, select an option, and click Add Contact.

    Some services have optional contacts, which are not displayed by default, and some allow you to add multiple contacts of the same type.

  10. When you have added contact information for all the contact type tabs, click Continue.

A copy of record of the application will be emailed to the person submitting the application, and depending on your service, may be emailed to contacts you have identified in the submittal.

Contact Types

Contact types and their requirements differ depending on the service.

Air Administrative Amendment -- Change Ownership/Facility Name/Owner or Operator Name Only

Air Administrative Amendment -- Other Administrative Amendments

Air Individual Permit Reissuance

Air Dispersion Modeling

Aboveground Storage Tank Issuance or Reissuance Permit

Construction Stormwater General Permit Application

Feedlot Annual Report

Note the following:

Feedlot NPDES/SDS Permit Application

Note the following:

Field Work Notification

Hazardous Waste Generator License Application

Note the following:

Notification of Regulated Waste Activity

Note the following:

Subsurface Sewage Treatment System (SSTS) Business License Renewal

The MPCA will use your business contact information to complete all mail, phone, and email correspondence regarding your SSTS license. Each business is allowed only one business contact. 

Note the following:

Vessel Discharge Permit

All three contact types are required. The same person may be used for multiple contact types.

Voluntary Remediation Program Enrollment Application

Note the following:

Yard Waste Permit by Rule


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