Insignificant Activities

Forms: IA-01/IA-01-R

Note: If you are submitting an administrative amendment, you only need to provide information about insignificant activities affected by the amendment.

You may not continue until all mandatory fields are entered.

This page allows you to enter and edit information for insignificant activities at your facility. Select the check box next to No Insignificant Activities at this facility if this statement is true.

If this box is not checked, the following fields are required:

Select the Rule Citation from the drop-down list that the activities qualify under. If there is more than one activity under a rule, you can either use one row for all of the insignificant activities or you can list them separately.

Note: For Minn. R. 7007.1300, subp. 4, only include existing emissions units that were identified in the original part 70 permit as insignificant activities under Minn. R. 7007.1300, subp. 4. New emissions units do not qualify under Minn. R. 7007.1300, subp. 4. as insignificant activities. Verify that existing emissions units continue to qualify under this subpart.

The Rule Text automatically populates when a citation is selected. This is not editable.

You must provide a description of the insignificant activities at the facility that qualify under the rule listed in the same row. For rules that have capacity-based thresholds, include the capacity information for your activity. This field allows a maximum of 200 characters.

Options for the Status drop-down list are either Active/Existing or Inactive/Retired.

Removal Date is required if the Status is Inactive/Retired. The format for the date is MM/DD/YYYY. The allowable values range from 01/01/1900-12/31/3000.

Click the Remove icon to erase a row that you have added. While you cannot delete existing rows (rows that you have not added during this application process), you can change the status of a row to Inactive/Retired and provide a removal date.

Click Add Row to add insignificant activities under another rule citation.

For additional information, reference the instructions for

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